SPM SUCCESS is specialised in Closed Loop Sales Outsourcing

b2b core competences: IT & Consulting

Closed Loop Sales Outsourcing

We innovatively cover the entire sales cycle, from initial contact to aftersales service.
At the same time, we observe all approaches: both yours and your target customer’s, while taking a future-oriented, out-of-the-box view.

Internationales Inside Sales

We view our international inside sales as an intertwining of differentiated processes.
As a result, you are rewarded with long-term stable and powerful turnover potential.

Market-orientated Strategies

Due to our experience spanning over a decade, we know the industries like the back of our hand.

Where can you dock on here? What homework do you still need to complete?
You can book consulting meetings accompanying the projects or separately.

Comprehensive Partner Management

High-quality Partner Management, starting with recruitment to personal partner support, the required respectful tact and understanding across all industries.

Industry experts like us acquire and support partners for you, enabling the right people to join forces and creating partner channels.
Because people generate turnover.

Intelligent Campaign Management

Our internally developed Sales plus Marketing concept enables us to ideally serve all media and communication channels. At the same time, we always concentrate on the essence in order to generate added value for you.

Current exclusive data

Our experienced research team identifies relevant and top current data within the course of intense communication with you.

Naturally with strict adherence to the Federal Data Protection Act.
We get to the heart of the information.

Service Catalogue

We place value on informing you regarding budget expenditure from the start.
We support you in achieving and exceeding your sales partner objectives and turnover targets as well as establishing further sales pipelines.
In principle, there are two basic services which you can book with additional services.

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Benefit for our customers

1. As a benefit, our existing clients are provided with the opportunity to use our meeting room one day per annum*:

2. Moreover, existing clients can obtain their own business telephone number and a postal address from us.

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Project management

Firstly, the components of the imminent project are discussed in a personal or telephone dialogue, in order to help you to decide sensibly which of the project modules you wish to book.
You then receive a contract offer from us, combined with a project order.
In a prompt meeting, a check dialogue takes place to ascertain whether all the relevant information has been collected or further additional requirements have arisen. Moreover, you can see from your view which staff areas are involved from your and our side and whether these will suffice.
Additionally, open items will be clarified.
If it is all to your satisfaction, inform us of your decision and return the signed contract to us.
There is now nothing more which can hinder starting the project.
Depending on whether you are already one of our clients or not, each project is prepared with the same diligence. Here we differentiate between a flat rate and a campaign. After we have received the order in writing, we compile an internal team and arrange for in-house pre-briefing. Our IT and office management are also involved. Our specialists establish workplaces, each project is allocated at least one unique telephone number, pencils are sharpened and the notepads distributed for taking notes. An external briefing is held parallel to this. Here, your specialists explain us the purpose of the project, your objectives and what we need to observe. The marketing department processes the briefings, a further internal meeting is then held during which any uncertainties are settled at local level…. …and on your marks, get set, go!
Once the project process has started, we don’t just sit back and relax, but keep on the ball in a project-related manner. During the first days of the project, additional cross-departmental feedback is collected and short meetings are held in order to optimise or execute fine-tuning. Happily also here in close contact with the client because we are all sitting in the same boat. Then, internal controlling and reporting become effective. An internal weekly meeting for mutual exchange and motivation is also instigated. Depending on the agreements and requirements, the customer is provided with regular reports in order to gain factual orientation regarding the progress of the project.