Our team has a multinational and highly competent setup


Our managers have learnt their jobs from scratch.

Everybody at our company is initially bound to work interdisciplinarily, in order to comprehend our spirit and our requirements profiles. In this way, everyone can understand everyone else, support each other and understand. Using flat hierarchies and mutual human understanding.
With regard to their expertise, they all possess our core competence: in IT and Consulting. Naturally, our managers speak several languages and are entrepreneurially thinking and acting sales professionals who are also repeatedly trained in their management qualities at our company.


Reliability, achievement-driven thinking, a team spirit and specialist competence are a prerequisite at our company.

Although the company SPM SUCCESS serves a multitude of different companies as a result of our core competence, we attach great significance to also promoting our team by cross-project and cross-industry motivation as well as internally within the company.
Several of our employees have already accompanied us for many years.
Independent of the department, the employees all have a command of a minimum of two languages and at least completed vocational training as well as possessing expert competence.
The enjoyment of communication with other people, the capability to integrate themselves in our team and, nonetheless, the talent to be “lone fighters” make the jobs so diverse.
Awareness of responsibilities, the willingness to learn, flexibility and performance-oriented action are the key components on which our common success is based.



Client team

Teamwork is of primary importance to us.

If you book a job, we specialists support each other mutually:
managers, sales colleagues, marketing, data research, E-mail blast, administration, translations…
Therefore, we also cover periods of absence and holidays for you,
guaranteeing that your project never stops running. Without additional expenses. Backup for all crises.

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